A Q&A with the President of the AIPPI Türkiye, Irmak Yalçiner

13 Sep 2022 | 2022 World Congress

Being here in San Francisco for the AIPPI World Congress, what makes an AIPPI World Congress successful, and you want to bring to Istanbul for 2023?

First of all, getting back to face-to-face meetings is wonderful; we all missed each other, our AIPPI Friends, colleagues and the opportunity to celebrate the groups’ cooperation and contribution.

The scientific program is very varied and in different formats with a very rich content. The replication of AIPPI Cafés is also important to observe how we can find out new ways to share knowledge while networking.


You have a booth here at the Congress together with AIPPI International. How was it for you to bring the vibe of Istanbul to the participants?

The city of Istanbul, has a very long history that spans and witnesses the rise and fall of the world’s empires. The city is the world’s only metropolis placed on more than one continent which had been home and center for The Roman, The Byzantine, The Latin, The Ottoman Empires and The Republic of Türkiye.

To be honest, it is not possible to bring all the diversity of this magnificent city and its vibe into San Francisco . However, we collected information covering arts and cultural activities, eating, and other beautiful Istanbul venues for our AIPPI friends and some gifts. They are all available at our booth.


What is the Turkish National Group proud of to host the 2023 World Congress in Istanbul?

Plenty of things!

It is the largest city in Türkiye and is among the 15 largest urban areas in the world. It is located on the Bosporus Strait and covers the entire area of the Golden Horn, a natural harbor, extending into both Europe and Asia.

Istanbul’s many historical areas were added to the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1985. In addition, because of its status as a world rising power, its history, and its importance to culture in both Europe and the world, Istanbul was designated the European Capital of Culture for 2010 by the European Union.

The Turkish National Group is young, agile, well equipped in the IP profession, and very enthusiastic about being a part of AIPPI and representing this organization at national and international levels. Since 2007 when it was established as a national group, we have achieved growing our group brick by brick. We also encouraged our members to develop an identity of AIPPI through different activities. I believe that the 2023 World Congress will be a unique opportunity for our group to enhance and accelerate close networking bonds with members worldwide and show more closely the IP ecosystem of Türkiye.


Are you already in planning mode and is there anything you would like to already disclose?

Sure, we already have established our Congress Coordination Committee, and started working hard.

As soon as the Istanbul Congress was officially announced, we communicated this to our Turkish members and shared the fantastic news with them. We got and are still getting many messages and calls from our members who would like to help and be ready for all the work for congress organizations.

I am confident it will be a memorable, fantastic and successful AIPPI Congress.


Why do you think members should attend next year’s World Congress in Istanbul?

Geographically, Istanbul is very convenient and easy to arrive at for AIPPI members around the world. Istanbul is one of the 20 most visited cities in the world. A congress with a prosperous and substantial scientific program as always, thanks to the related bodies and committees of the organization, as well as promising social events with flavours of west and east. So, who may want to miss this opportunity?


Any final remark from you?

Turkish Group worked hard to host AIPPI World Congress for many years. It was one of the prominent goals of our previous Board Members, especially our beloved deceased former President, Mr Sertaç Köksaldı and our former President, Mr Rıza Cagirgan. AIPPI Congress in Istanbul was a realistic dream they believed in and they encouraged our National Group in every aspect to achieve this goal together.

I also would like to thank Ms. Esra Dundar-Loiseau, the Chair of the CCC, for her continuous efforts since 2013 and Ms. Nazli Korkut, for all her constant support and guidance since the beginning.

The current and earlier Bureau and Turkish Board Members, thanks to all of them for making everything work within proper timelines and for the amazing work behind it. And many thanks to all Turkish Group members for their excitement and eagerness to help.