AIPPI Cafés Today at 3.30 pm

12 Sep 2022 | 2022 World Congress

Today’s Topics:

Session 1

Oral Proceedings by Video-Conference:
Good or Bad?
Organising SC: IP Office Practice and Procedure

Session 2

Making AIPPI the Go-to Association
Organising SC: Communications

Session 3

The Next Frontier: Unregistered Design
Protection for Part of a Product
Organising SC: Designs

Session 4

Fostering Agreements –
Approaches to FRAND Litigation
Organising SC: Standards & Patents

Session 5

Trademark Implications of Upcycling,
Refurbishing and Restoring
Organising SC: Trademarks

Session 6

Copyright & Photography
Organising SC: Copyrigh

Session 7

Fostering Green IP Innovation – WIPO
GREEN and More
Organising SC: IP & Green Technology

Session 8

Grace Period in Patent Law
Organising SC: Patents

Session 9

Can Raw Data and Information Be Licensed?
Organising SC: Digital Economy

Session 10

(For in-house counsels only)
Organising SC: AIPPI In-House Committee (IHC)