AIPPI‘s position on Russia‘s domestic measures in regards to IP

30 Mar 2022 | News

In line with its statutes, AIPPI is a politically neutral organization which cannot and will not comment on anything outside of intellectual property rights (IP).  Instead, AIPPI’s primary objectives are to promote and enhance IP on national and international levels.  AIPPI supports rule-based, multilateral  international frameworks including treaties governed by the WTO.

The announcement by the Russian Federation of new domestic measures in relation to IP, in response to sanctions adopted by so-called “unfriendly countries” with regard to Russia´s invasion of Ukraine, has highlighted IP in the context of this present war.  AIPPI wishes to express its strong opposition to the use of IP by the Russian Federation in a manner inconsistent with its international obligations, and as a tool to aid its war effort.

AIPPI reiterates the need for strict observation of international treaties and respect for the sovereignty of nations.