Highlights from the AIPPI Spring Meeting in Venice

30 Mar 2023 | News

The first edition of the AIPPI Spring Meeting took place today at the prestigious Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal in Venice. The programme covered a broad range of intellectual property topics, with workshop discussions led by renowned IP experts.

The day started with an introduction and welcome speech, followed by the first workshop on Social Media & IP. Beatrice Grifoni, from Valentino, led the discussion on the critical role of IP in protecting creativity, innovation and success in the online world of fashion and luxury consumer goods.

The second workshop, led by Pirke Fustinoni from Metso:Outotec, focused on the strategies and considerations for securing patent protection in Europe under the launched Unitary Patent Court (UPC). The panel discussed the complexity of the UPC system and the need for agile and nimble strategies.

After a short coffee break, the third workshop, led by Kirstin Dodge, from Nivalion AG, explored the challenges and benefits of third-party litigation funding.

After a delicious standing lunch, the fourth workshop of the day, led by Lorenzo Micacchi from the University of Firenze, explored the collaboration between universities and industry on research and development efforts. The panelists discussed the difficulties, potential pitfalls, and areas of synergy in the collaboration between these two entities in their efforts to innovate and create value for academic work.

The final workshop of the day focused on the global landscape of IP and looked forward to the AIPPI World Congress in Istanbul. Güler Ayyildiz Dalma, from Arcelik, led the discussion on ways for corporates in Turkiye to protect their creative and innovative work products in Europe and elsewhere. The panelists also touched on the topics that will be further explored in the AIPPI World Congress in October 2023.

Overall, the day was filled with insightful and content-rich workshops on a range of IP topics. The diverse panelists gave young members of the audience the opportunity to speak and contributed to the event’s great success. The Q&A parts of the workshops generated several questions and comments, which continued during the breaks and the Joint Cocktail Reception of the AIPPI Spring Meeting and the Trilateral Meeting (IT-FR-ES), providing participants with a chance to network and share insights.

The event was an excellent opportunity for IP professionals to gain knowledge, exchange ideas, and connect with peers in a beautiful location.