Discover the AIPPI World IP Day video here.

26 April marks a special day for the IP Community as we celebrate World IP Day. In today’s modern world, many universal topics or issues of significant importance are highlighted through designated days. The aim is to draw attention and raise awareness among societies, governments, decision-makers, and implementers. However, these topics cannot be neatly contained within a single calendar day as they are complex and of profound significance. What truly matters is how relevant stakeholders fulfil their responsibilities regarding this matter and the message they convey to people.

This year, WIPO has chosen the theme “IP and Sustainable Development Goals: Building Our Common Future with Innovation and Creativity.” The concept of sustainable development is not only a concern for individuals in consumer roles but also for businesses that create economic, social, and environmental impacts while being affected by global and local issues. Civil society organisations advocating for human rights, environmental protection and nature conservation are also essential players when it comes to the concept of sustainability and a better world. We recognise that achieving sustainable living requires a knowledge-based society, and the sound development of such a society relies on robust legislative frameworks that foster, encourage, and support the sharing of creativity and innovation. World IP Day 2024 provides an opportunity to reaffirm our dedication to nurturing innovative and creative solutions essential for building a prosperous, peaceful, and sustainable future.

In its Strategic Plan 2024-2026, AIPPI places significant emphasis on the correlation between IP and the development of todays and tomorrow’s society, as demonstrated by the UN SDGs related to industry, innovation, infrastructure, sustainable cities, land and water ecosystems, and partnerships for achieving these goals. While recognising that global SDGs can be advanced through the utilisation of IP systems as catalysts, the work of APPI’s 26 Standing Committees focuses on fostering innovation and creativity for a better world within sound and powerful legal infrastructure. The role of IP must be recognised and well understood if the aim is to follow through increased resource-use efficiency, greater adoption of clean and environmentally sound technologies and industrial processes with all countries taking action in accordance with their respective capabilities.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our National and Regional Groups and all members for their contributions and for informing us about the activities they organised during the World IP Day week. The common theme across these remarkable events underscores how IP influences countries’ sustainable technological and economic development, and how innovation and creativity perspectives can evolve harmoniously, inclusively, and effectively with a well-coordinated and comprehensive IP system. There is no doubt that all the webinars, meetings and educational programmes that took place last week also serve the mission of raising awareness and expanding the attendees’ horizons.

We are delighted to witness the “World IP Day “evolving into a joint celebration by IP organisations across the world. This day is not only owned by WIPO but also by a remarkable number of stakeholders, like AIPPI. It serves as a testament to the enduring relationship between WIPO and AIPPI. AIPPI, in its capacity as an “observer” has significantly contributed to the preparatory process of the Design Law Treaty and Traditional Knowledge & Genetic Resources Treaty over the past two years. Our members have had the privilege to participate as speakers in the events organised by WIPO. Through annual bilateral meetings, both organisations ensure they are updated on areas where they can collaborate and continue to engage in the exchange of ideas on matters concerning IP.

Many happy World IP Days!