AIPPI Honours

Members who have made particularly noteworthy contributions to AIPPI or to its objectives may receive one of three special awards. They can be appointed a President or Member of Honour, or granted an AIPPI Award of Merit.

Presidents of Honour

Presidents of Honour are Members of Honour who are exceptionally distinguished in the field of intellectual property and have given exceptional service to AIPPI.

Deceased Members

Rudolf Blum (Switzerland)
d. December 12, 2009

Martin J. Lutz (Switzerland)
d. December 29, 2013

Paul Mathély (France)
d. October 15, 2001

Geoffroy Gaultier (France)
d. June 2, 2020

Members of Honour

Members of Honour are members who have displayed outstanding merit in promoting the objects of the association.


Marek LAZEWSKI (Poland)

Fernand DE VISSCHER (Belgium)


Jonathan OSHA (United States of America)