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The AIPPI Committees on Pharma and IP & Genetic Resources and Traditional Knowledge combine their forces for a Webinar Series

Mark 12 June (13:00-14:15 CEST) in your calendar! Join us for a deep dive into the topic of ‘WIPO Diplomatic Conference on Patent Disclosure Requirement of Genetic Resources – aftermath and future prospect’.

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AIPPI Position Paper on New Genomic Technique (NGT) Plant Patenting Proposal of the European Parliament

Standing Committee on Biotechnology and Plant Varieties

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2024 AIPPI World Congress - Hangzhou

The 2024 AIPPI World Congress Sponsorship Brochure is here!

The 2024 AIPPI World Congress Sponsorship Brochure is here! Discover the opportunities to promote your organisation in Hangzhou (19-22 October 2024).

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The 2023 AIPPI Yearbook Is Here!

The 2023 AIPPI yearbook has officially been released. Discover the latest insights and developments in intellectual property rights.

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Historic outcome of the Diplomatic Conference on Genetic Resources and Associated Traditional Knowledge

The WIPO member states approved a groundbreaking new Treaty related to treatment of genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge in patent applications. This Treaty is the outcome of a Diplomatic Conference which took place in Geneva on 13-24 May 2024, after decades of pre-negotiations.

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Navigating AI Governance: Where Does the Balance Lie?

The recent advancements in the Artificial Intelligence have created a new scope of services. Day by day the development in the AI services are improving leaps and the machines are becoming more powerful.

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AIPPI – International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property

AIPPI (Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriété Intellectuelle), is the world’s leading non-profit association dedicated to the development and improvement of laws for the protection of intellectual property. It is a politically neutral, non-profit organisation, based in Switzerland with over 8000 members worldwide from over 110 countries.

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6 good reasons to become a member

  1. To take part in the improvement and harmonisation of IP laws – by taking part in the resolution process
  2. To meet with IP thought leaders from around the world – by participating in top-notch AIPPI events
  3. To stay ahead on IP law developments – by having access to the work and know-how of AIPPI members
  4. To be a thought leader in IP – by joining AIPPI Standing Committees which span across all IP fields
  5. To develop other skillsets – by joining AIPPI Statutory Committees which help run the association
  6. To build long-standing relationships and friendships – by networking with like-minded professionals
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