Programme Committee

The Programme Committee is the research organ of AIPPI. Members keep themselves informed about current and likely future topical matters relating to IP.

Armed with this knowledge, the Programme Committee guides the direction of AIPPI’s work on potential IP harmonization topics (study questions and related resolutions).

The Programme Committee selects the Study Questions and Panel Sessions at the AIPPI World Congresses.

The committee’s work may also include ad hoc projects as determined from time to time by the Bureau.

Statutory Committee

Programme Committee

Status: Active

Committee Leadership

Steven B. GARLAND (CA) (Chair)

Committee Members

Eléonore GASPAR (FR)
Maria Cecilia ROMOLEROUX (EC)
Christopher M. SCHERER (US)
Yali SHAO (CN)
Manisha SINGH (IN)
Annsley WARD (UK)
Kozo YABE (JP)
Emre Kerim YARDIMCI (TR)