AIPPI – 125th Anniversary Celebration Conference and Dinner

13 May 2022 | AIPPI National/Regional Group Meeting, NGO Meetings, Other | Brussels, Belgium

AIPPI 125 years of balancing Intellectual property

Did you know that AIPPI was founded in Brussels almost 125 years ago?

To celebrate its 125th anniversary, AIPPI Belgium & AIPPI International are pleased to invite you to a one-day event combining a hybrid conference and a celebration evening in prestigious locations in the heart of Brussels, the SQUARE and the VAUDEVILLE.

The theme of this celebratory day will be IP and Common Welfare with a special focus on Health and Environment.

The morning event will be devoted to introductory sessions about Intellectual Property, intended also for non-IP specialists to be familiarized with key IP concepts. Sessions will include an overview of the conditions, scope of protection and exceptions under IP laws as well as the international aspects (including TRIPs agreement). Common Welfare issues in the IP systems will be at stake in two parallel sessions (one on patents and trade secrets; one on copyright and trademarks).

The afternoon event will consist of two plenary sessions devoted to “Dialogues about IP and Common Welfare”, and in particular about Health and Environment. Each afternoon main session will start with two short introductory presentations, the first setting out the “IP perspective”, explaining how IP is meant to balance private interests and public health or environment needs, and the second from the “other perspective”, i.e. the “health angle” or the “environmental angle”, explaining the questions, objections, suggestions for improvements, etc. regarding IP in this perspective. A debate will then follow among a panel formed by the two speakers and other knowledgeable people in the fields, with an active participation of the attendees (questions, objections, proposals, etc.).

The celebration evening will be held in the Vaudeville theatre, with a reception, a dinner and a concert by the band “The Belgians”.

Who should attend? AIPPI members, IP practitioners, political circles and institutions, media, non-governmental organizations, think tanks, and any interested party.

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Conference programme

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