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Introduction words from Nazli Korkut, the new AIPPI Secretary General

Whether in the professional field or any other community you feel a part of, being actively involved in an NGO Board shares a few common parameters for me. Firstly, it stems from the principle of volunteering. This means contributing in both visible (time, intellectual effort) and invisible aspects (managing interpersonal-intercultural relationships, making efforts to find common ground, and seeking what is new, efficient, and beneficial without compromising the credibility of a 126-year-young organisation) while putting the overall benefit ahead of the individual interests.

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The 2024 AIPPI World Congress Sponsorship Brochure is here!

The 2024 AIPPI World Congress Sponsorship Brochure is here! Discover the opportunities to promote your organisation in Hangzhou (19-22 October 2024).

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The Amicus Brief from the AIPPI Amicus Standing Committee has been approved

Exciting news for the AIPPI Amicus Standing Committee! The draft Amicus Brief for the case G 1/23 has been approved by the Bureau, the Patents and Pharma SCs, and was filed today at the European Patent Office.

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Utility model in Kazakhstan is funny but could be a useful thing (comparison with utility models in Russia)

As well as in Russia, along with inventions and industrial designs, utility models in Kazakhstan (hereinafter also “UM”) are patentable objects. Unlike inventions, procedure for patenting of utility model is simpler, faster and cheaper, however the validity term of UM patent is shorter.

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Georgia is about to launch EP patents validation

The ratification of the Validation Agreement by the Georgian parliament marked the successful culmination of a negotiation process that began in 2012. With the necessary amendments to the Georgian Patent Law enacted in 2023, only the technical aspects of Georgia's integration into the validation system remain before its official launch, which is expected to occur in January 2024.

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Evidence at different stages under the Indian Patents Act

Evidence is simply anything that is utilized to acknowledge or explain the truth of submission and every kind of evidence is considered important to determine the outcome of a case. Whether it is a civil or a criminal case, evidence plays a significant role as the proof of a fact will not be effective without having any evidence in support of the fact.

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AIPPI – International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property

AIPPI (Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriété Intellectuelle), is the world’s leading non-profit association dedicated to the development and improvement of laws for the protection of intellectual property. It is a politically neutral, non-profit organisation, based in Switzerland with over 8000 members worldwide from over 110 countries.

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6 good reasons to become a member

  1. To take part in the improvement and harmonisation of IP laws – by taking part in the resolution process
  2. To meet with IP thought leaders from around the world – by participating in top-notch AIPPI events
  3. To stay ahead on IP law developments – by having access to the work and know-how of AIPPI members
  4. To be a thought leader in IP – by joining AIPPI Standing Committees which span across all IP fields
  5. To develop other skillsets – by joining AIPPI Statutory Committees which help run the association
  6. To build long-standing relationships and friendships – by networking with like-minded professionals
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