Webinar: Using new WIPO standard ST.26 to improve PCT sequence listings

23 February 2023 | Webinar | Online | AIPPI's Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Committee


Sequence listings are a vital tool for disclosing and claiming DNA and protein-based inventions. This includes technologies such as screening kits, engineered cells and biologic drugs.

New WIPO Standard ST.26 modernizes the format and content of sequence listings. It also allows for a standard submission practice at PCT receiving offices. Successful sequence upload is critical for patent applicants, and now improved due to automated validation.  This reduces risk of error, and saves time and expense for an applicant. The new standard also provides improved searching capabilities, given the standardized sequence listing format across national patent offices. More effective searching is valuable for patent searchers, prosecutors, litigators, third party challengers, and of course, patent examiners.

In this 1-hour webinar, organised by AIPPI’s Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Committee, we will provide practical aspects and examples from WIPO about the ST.26 standard for patent attorneys, technical advisors, and clerks involved with sequence listings. There will also be an overview of the WIPO standalone desktop tool “WIPO Sequence” for preparing ST.26 compliant sequence listings offline. An in-house patent attorney will also provide perspectives on managing and protecting sequence-based inventions.